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The Backrelease Massage Tool to treat Muscle Pain and Trigger Points

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Your backup solution when you’re on the road,
your therapist does not have time or treatments are too expensive.


For the relief of tension, pain,
adhesions and scarring in the myofascial network.

  • Application all over the body

  • Excellent to reach back, shoulders and neck

  • Create precise localized pressure

  • Different attachments to reach deeper muscle groups

  • Fits in every pocket

Self-treatment – Anytime – Anywhere

Why the Backrelease?

The practical therapist

I have been working as a therapist for ten years in an office focussing on orthopedics, surgery and sport physiotherapy. I am dealing with patients suffering from pain and limited movement ability, reducing their capacity and quality of […]

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Given the high demand on the muscles after each trapeze session, I have the need for myofascial release, due to tissue tightness and adhesions. The Backrelease self-massage tool allows me to have very precise control of exactly where to apply the pressure, and to keep the tool in place while applying the pressure. Furthermore, the different attachments give me a wide range of options on the pressure area. The tool is ultra compact and I can easily take it with me wherever I go to train or perform.

Muscle regeneration triggerpoint treatmentMauro, 54, former Engineer, currently flying trapeze artist
I travel a lot by plane, often only with carry-on luggage. That means I have limited space available. The constant plague of flying leaves me in a state of stress and gives me regular neck pain. The Backrelease fits very well into my life! It’s the perfect travel companion and my personal therapist no matter where I am. I am finally pain-free and cannot fathom traveling without this great massage tool!

Stefan, 38, Business consultant, travels all over Europe

Self-Myofascial Release

Trigger Point Tool made of wood